Mellisphera is the decision support system for beekeepers

Monitored hives combined with data science toprevent - anticipate - optimize - monitor - analyze

productivite de la ruche


follow honeydews with absolute simplicity. Our algrorithms are working for you.

développement du couvain


follow every day the brood development into each hive

sante des abeilles


be notified at the soonest of colonies into trouble

registre d'elevage apicole

Keeping your tracks

your notes and inspections are contextualized as a whole, with every other information

meteo du rucher


with or without weather station, you have access to a 10 day forecast

floraisons du rucher


set your flower varieties in your apiary and follow blooming and nectar being harvested

mellisphera cloud computing

Mellisphera puts technology at the service of beekeepers and bees

Mellisphera associates hive monitoring with algorithms capable of determining colony behaviour. It is an essential decision support system for beekeepers seeking the best monitoring for their colonies.

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Converting sensor measurements into concrete information for beekeepers. Switching from temperature, weight and humidity to egg-laying, brood volume, honeydew and swarming. This is our ambition.

Mellisphera is the perfect combination between algorithmic models and an advanced user experience. Its decision support system enables you to understand at a glance the state of each hive.

Our fully configurable alert system directly notifies you of your hive condition and any associated events.

Mellisphera fits perfectly with BroodMinder sensors. The different models of scales and internal sensors are suitable for every purpose.

These devices are all communicating via Bluetooth with your smartphone through the Apiary App.

The transfer automation is ensured by the Data Transmitter. Placed on the apiary, it is completely autonomous and transmits by 3G each sensor information, whatever the quantity.



Introduction to precision beekeeping


5€  excl. VAT/ month

Your apiary condition in real time


9€ excl. VAT/ month

Improvement of operating margins

Set-up your apiary

Temperature sensor - T2 - 39,99€
Colony health & dynamics

Temperature & humidity sensor - TH - 69,99€
Colony health & dynamics

Weight sensor - W - 229,00€
Honeydew & nourishment tracking



Hobby or Premium

Number of hives to set :

Temperature sensor - T2 - 33,33 € HT
Colony dynamics & health

Hive scale - W - 190,83 € HT
Track honeydews and nourishment

Data transmitter - Hub - 299 € HT
Cellular 3G/4G or WiFi

Pro Subscription - 9 €/month HT
Includes telecom


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A passionate team at your service

We are designers of data driven solutions. Our greatest satisfaction is to see our customers succeed and to know that their bees are doing well.

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Mellisphera is a precision beekeeping tool supporting your business with acurate information for decision making.


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Mellisphera vous épargne des contraintes informatiques et vous libère du temps pour vous consacrer à la recherche.


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