Hive monitoring combined with an appto better understand bees.

Track - Anticipate - Optimize - Analyze

floraisons du rucher

Nectar flow & productivity

follow the nectar flows & their intensity with ease.

développement du couvain


monitor brood development, a key factor for your colonies.

sante des abeilles


be notified of declining & at-risk hives.

registre d'elevage apicole

Inspection notes

annotate & track your interventions in a follow-up calendar.

meteo du rucher


check the weather history & forecast of your apiaries.

système d'alerte

Alert system

be notified of important events (swarming, theft, weather, etc.)

Mellisphera puts technology at the service of beekeepers & bees

Mellisphera rucher connecté

Mellisphera hive monitoring, how does it work?

Mellisphera app

Mellisphera hive monitoring combine algorithmic models with an advanced user experience in order to better understand bee behavior.

A fully configurable alert system keeps you updated of your hive status & their associated events.

This is an essential decision support system for beekeepers the best monitoring for their bees: egg-laying, brood volume, nectar flows, supper management and swarming.

Balances et capteurs pour ruche

Mellisphera fits perfectly with BroodMinder sensors. The different models of scales & internal sensors are suitable for every purpose.

These devices are all communicating via Bluetooth with your smartphone through the Apiary App.

Find out how Mellisphera supports beekeepers.

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