Mellisphera keeps you informedabout your beesand helps your decision-making

Forget the curves and graphics too complicated to understand. We do this work for you offering
readable and intuitive information. So that you can devote to your passion.

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Effective beekeeping diagnostics

How long have you been wondering that it would be useful to know
what your bees do every day? you can reach it.

Discover a range of exceptional tools that will allow you
to resonate with your bees.

The best sensors on the market

The best sensors on the market

Because developing sensors calls to exceptional skills Mellisphera partners with Broodminder. The market leader with more than 10,000 active sensors distributed worldwide.

Proven technology at reach of any smartphone

The strenght of the community of beekeeper

The strenght of the community

Practicing beekeeping alone is good, teaming with others is much better! Share your apiary with the people who matter to you.


Citizen science to improve the future of bees

We are committed to the idea that a well-designed service must satisfy the user and at the same time provide an answer to societal issues.


Transforming Beekeeping

21st century beekeepers are the sentinels of the environment. At the forefront of pollinator and biodiversity issues.

While the stakes are higher than ever to succeed in your activity, modern tools can help you get your apiary under control.

Ready to optimize workload with targeted actions? To learn from your day to day experiences and from others? Opening the path to hundreds of future beekeepers to join the movement?

Effective beekeeping

The best sensors
on the market

The strength
of the community

Citizen science to improve
the future of bees

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