Track your hives remotely, cut your transport costs & maximize your productivity with Mellisphera apiary monitoring.

detection des miellees

Honeydew tracking

With our apiary monitoring system for professional beekeepers, you are informed in real time of the resource inputs & outputs. You can therefore act at the right time.

What are you going to bring to the apiary? Suppers? Candi?

detection des miellees

BForce - apiary brood development monitoring

Many actions in your apiary are related with brood volume. With the BForce technology, you know how much brood volume there is in each of your hives. This way, you can make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary inspections.

surveillance du rucher - suivi du développement du couvain
surveillance du rucher - suivi du développement du couvain
bfit évalue la santé des abeilles

Colony health tracking

Our BFit – for Fitness – technology makes it possible to remotely identify on a daily basis the hives that are growing, those that are stable and those that are declining.

With this algorithm, you can anticipate your next inspections. You no longer need to open each of your hives. You can therefore focus on the hives at risk.

bfit évalue la santé des abeilles

Simple & efficient transhumance

The acacia tree is about to bloom. So if you are thinking about transhuming your hives, our apiary monitoring system will help you to identify the best candidates. You can avoid a meticulous inspection of your apiary by printing the list of your hives, classified by their brood volume.

All you have to do is make the most judicious choice, load your truck & leave!

transhumance apicole simplifiée
transhumance apicole simplifiée

Mellisphera for professional beekeepers... what more?

fin de ponte pour traiter varroa

End of season anti-mite treatment

With our alert system, you know when it is the optimal time to intervene. You will be notify when the queen stopped laying so you can start the varroa treatment.

fin de ponte pour traiter varroa

A comprehensive email system

We offer to our professional beekeepers a daily email service in order to monitor your hive & sensor status. We also notify you of recent & upcoming events for all your apiaries and hives.

This system will allow you to save time on your analyses by offering you a very complete report. The email sending is customizable and fully configurable.

Résumé par email
Résumé par email

The BroodMinder modular range of hive sensors & scale

The devices are CE certified.

Set-up your apiary

Number of hives to set :

Temperature sensor - T2 - 33,33 € excl. VAT
Colony health & dynamics

Hive scale - W - 190,83 € excl. VAT
Honeydew & nourishment tracking

Data transmitter - Hub - 299 € excl. VAT
Cellular 3G/4G or WIFI

Pro subscription - 10 €/mois excl. VAT
Telecom included


Nombre de ruche:

Total capteur T2:

Total capteur W:

Total hub:


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