BPI et ETICOOP soutiennent Mellisphera

BPI and ETICOOP are supporting Mellisphera

BPI and ETICOOP are supporting Mellisphera

That’s the good news of the fall. We have two new sponsors, BPI and ETICOOP, engaged with Mellisphera to support its development.

On the one hand, the Public Investment Bank supports the development of the Mellisphera platform. Indeed, the BPI, whose slogan is “serving the future”, is seduced by the prospects of our product.

On the other hand, ETICOOP, which integrates us into its 14th incubation course for innovative projects alongside the 9 other selected projects. This structure, supported by Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne, backs innovative and local initiatives. As a result it offers personalized support on all aspects of the company. And this, with a strong emphasis on territory and cooperation.

We are proud to have these two strong supporters to support our development. By committing to Mellisphera, BPI and ETICOOP are not only betting on our ability to offer a high value-added product. But also on the development of innovation and local employment.

We share 100% of these values, which are very concretely reflected in our daily lives. For example, when we support free software or participate in local events such as e-py or the Greta Digital Hackaton, to name a few.

Eticoop developpement régional

About BPI and Eticoop

Bpifrance www.bpifrance.fr is a public investment bank, a French financing and business development organisation. As such, it is responsible for supporting SMEs, TWAs and innovative companies in support of public policies of the State and regions.

Eticoop www.eticoop.fr is the Territorial School for Innovation and Cooperation. It is a structure for the development of entrepreneurship and cooperative values in our territories. Therefore it brings together three complementary players: the regional banks of Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne and Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, the INSUP association and the Mondragon group. To achieve its objectives, it implements operational actions. For example, the Support Programme for entrepreneurs alternates between collective and individual phases over a total period of 30 months.

annonce arrivée mellisphera v2

Mellisphera v2 comming soon

annonce arrivée mellisphera v2

Mellisphera v2 is coming soon!..

We are pleased to announce that the launch of the new Mellisphera is scheduled for September 2019.

Mellisphera v2 is the result of the close follow-up of about ten key users. We have analyzed their needs and integrated them into a brand new version to answer them as faithfully as possible.

Here are the two main aspects that it will include:

Apiary Mode

Understand the state of your apiary at a glance. This is the ambition of the dashboard, exposing in a simple and exhaustive way the state of the hives, inspections and alerts.

Set up over a schematic or photo of the apiary you can navigate on each of the hives to simply analyze their individual situation.

This interface is intended for all beekeepers. It thus becomes the working tool that allows them to take the right decisions.

Expert mode

Sometimes it is necessary to deepen an analysis by cross-referencing different kinds of data. This is what the Analysis view allows. It is an “expert” interface that provides all the flexibility to gather information according to your specific needs. Because it is important to give the user the possibility to “build by himself” the aggregation of information he considers appropriate.

This module also allows access to the data history. In this way you can cross-reference honeydew or brood information with the weather and compare it with the same period of the previous year.

The alert system

The brand new alert system completes these two modules. Beekeepers need real-time notifications. Based on this fact, we have designed a system that provides hive condition status together with meteorological monitoring.


Improved ergonomy

Mellisphera v2 also has an improved user experience. We have made a significant effort to achieve intuitive and smooth navigation. The result is a tool that has no equal elsewhere. Even if at first glance the appearance is simple, the power is under the hood.

You can now take the most out of it!

Mellisphera enters the open source community

Press release: bees health in open source

We invite you to discover our press release of June 2019!

PAU, June 5, 2019 – The start-up Mellisphera announced, during the Vivatech 2019 fair, the opening of its MelliHealth platform under a free license. It informs beekeepers of the health status of their bees.


Hosted at the Pau Technopole, Mellisphera is a start-up developing connected beekeeping. Since the beginning of 2018, she has been designing a platform to know if the bees of a hive are in good health, or if there is honey to harvest. This information, such as the temperature or weight of a hive, is measured by sensors whose data is transmitted and processed. Knowing these parameters is essential, whether you are a backyard beekeeper or a professional beekeeper. Also, the possibility of consulting this information from home makes it possible to optimize the movements.


So far, data collected by hive-specific sensors has been returned to beekeepers. Using artificial intelligence, Mellisphera provides advanced data analysis with alerts and forecasts. The platform also uses flowering and meteorological data. Mellisphera is therefore a real guide, a decision-making tool for precision beekeeping.


Noting that many initiatives are emerging around the world to offset the decline of bees, the company offers a shared platform that can accelerate the emergence of concrete solutions. Mellisphera thus makes available to the public the fruit of 18 months of work, convinced that collaboration is an essential condition to achieve a successful solution for beekeepers … and bees.

mellisphera youtube

Mellisphera swarms on YouTube!

image mellisphera youtube bêtisier chaîneYou have waited for ages and we have fulfilled your wish: we have just added our first videos on YouTube! It's a pleasure to unveil our channel to talk about beekeeping and hive connected. We invite you to subscribe and leave us your best likes and comments. It's here!

hackaton numérique greta sud aquitaine mellisphera lorenzo pons

Mellisphera welcomes reinforcement

Thanks to the digital Hackaton organized by GRETA Sud Aquitaine, we will work with six students for three months. Their specialties? Web development and web design!

On the agenda: new encounters, new ideas, visual image, UX, graphics and a dose of fun, without forgetting the tech. We can not wait to start the job, with the feeling of leaving for a very, very special adventure. The dice are launched, the challenge begins!