E-Py: the digital Pyrenees

This is the name of the salon Pau we attended on Thursday, June 13! This name reflects well our activity: nature and digital, intimately linked. Beautiful place that the Beaumont Palace to meet between professionals of digital innovation and the general public. From start-ups to local authorities, incubators and funders, all types of players in the local digital ecosystem were present at this event.

The Mellisphera team was present at our booth to expose our connected hive platform. You can not miss Mellisphera during this meeting: the project has been highlighted several times!

Mellisphera in the spotlight several times

The founder Lorenzo PONS participated in the round table “data, artificial intelligence and their applications in the world of business” alongside Alexandre Stojanovic of BS Digital, and Fabrice Vaillant, Deputy Director General of Crédit Agricole Pyrenees Gascony. The “pitch” session welcoming a dozen entrepreneurs allowed Lorenzo this time to highlight the technicality of beekeeping and the ability to provide solutions to the challenges of beekeepers and biodiversity through digital. Also, many trophies were awarded and Mellisphera came close to the e-Py awards! We were finalists in the big data and digital innovation category, and it was ST37 that won this award. Finally, among the 10 projects chosen for the trophy “coup de coeur of the public”, we came second, close behind Le Voyage aux Pyrénées. These selections are great recognition for the project and our investment in its development. It’s up to us to make further progress to reach the top step of the podium!


The evening was marked by a lecture by philosophy professor Raphael Enthoven on the subject of “democracy facing social networks”. Theatrical, passionate and relying on multiple sources from all places and times, the philosopher has dissected the place and issues of social networks in various political contexts. It was surprising at first to mix Epicure, Socrates, Darwin, Hobbes and so many others in the definition of social networks! Thanks to him for making us travel in his observations and reflections on freedoms and constraints from one political context to another.


We warmly thank Pyrenees Press for organizing this event, as well as all the participants for making this day a great moment of rich encounters. Thanks also to everyone who voted for us!