General questions

At Mellisphera, we are beekeepers but also data specialists, with a 20-year experience in the tool development for the aeronautics industry. We combine this expertise with new technologies, artificial intelligence & data visualization in order to offer beekeepers tools with high added value.

We develop our models based on research and surveys. We then evaluate them with our own colonies and those of our partners & clients. It is a continuous improvement task that enables us to offer more relevant & ever finer tools.

No, we don’t manufacture the sensors. We think that it’s an entirely specific job that requires very specialized and specific skills. We have chosen to devote ourselves to data and to use existing devices.

We partner with BroodMinder – certainly one of the most recognized manufacturers of beekeeping sensors with 14,000 units sold worldwide. Their modular range is very accessible and in constant evolution.

We have integrated our two solutions to provide our customers with the most complete system possible. Our two teams work hand in hand and learn from each other’s experiences. Our expertise is complementary, but we want everyone to master the whole solution.

On the commercial side, Mellisphera distributes the solution in Europe and BroodMinder in America.

Yes, so far these are two platforms that are integrated into a single data stream. Any changes you make on MyBroodMinder (new hives, new sensors, etc.) will automatically be displayed on Mellisphera, and vice versa.

We prefer to invest our energy in developing functions that are useful to beekeepers rather than integrating our solutions in a stronger way. Furthermore, Mellisphera is an open source modular and flexible platform so it can integrate with any other system.

First of all, by conviction.

Then, because we have received public aid (from the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region & BPI) and this is our way of returning this investment to the community.

But also, because we see that many worldwide initiatives are trying to provide solutions for beekeepers, and that all of them are struggling to overcome the first obstacle: establishing a base to effectively manage data. With more than 30,000 lines of open code, Mellisphera brings that database to those who want to get to the heart of the matter.

Free software is a state of mind and we are open to collaborations with all who share it. Together we can go further and, sometimes, faster too!

For more information, you can go to or read our press release.

No, we own our models. We spent many hours working to develop them & they are the result of our expertise. Nevertheless, we are not closed to collaborations for developing these technologies.

The data produced by the beekeepers belong to them. They are the only ones to decide with whom they want to share it.

There is one exception to this: the free-subscription users. In this case, the data produced by the sensors are automatically shared with the initiative. Beecounted is a citizen science movement that aims to collect a global database of bee colonies. This data is accessible to researchers, institutions and any interested person.