It was in Accous, in the Aspe valley, that we were welcomed at the AG of the Abeille des Gaves et Nives syndicate. This event allowed us to introduce our platform to the members present and our connected hive concept. As always, we learned a lot from these exchanges, especially since the profiles of beekeepers were very varied! The Lerouge establishments, the Montagne Noire hives and Apidistribution were also present.

After the union’s moral and financial reports, beekeeper Arrate Cabrero told us about Aethina tumida, the little hive beetle. This insect infests bee colonies and can lead to their weakening or even death. France escapes (for now?) This threat, unlike Italy … Let’s remain vigilant!

Kiliana de Bellescize, Mission Manager at ADANA (formerly ADAAQ), was also present to present the Asian hornet nests census project.

It was a beautiful morning in a unique place in the middle of the Pyrenees! Thank you very much to the speakers and organizers of this event.

AG Accous syndicat apicole abeilles gaves nives mellisphera lorenzo pons