capteur de temperature T2

Temperature Sensor - T2

The T2 sensor allows you to follow the dynamics of your colony. You know if there is brood, if the queen is still present and if the colony is strong. It is the perfect sensor to start monitoring your hives.

T2 sensor is placed under the frame cover, in horizontal position in the center of the hive body. It is totally hermetic.

capteur de temperature et humidite TH

Temperature & Humidity Sensor - TH

The TH sensor just like the T2 give you access to the dynamics of the colony. The humidity measurement informs you of the nectar inputs, its dehydration process as well as any difficulties in regulating the colony in winter.


Weight Sensor - W

The weight sensor allows you to track all your honey. You know when and how much nectar is brought to the hive by the foragers. In times of scarcity you are able to decide when to feed them.

data transmitter HUB

Data transmitter - HUB

With the Hub you benefit from real-time monitoring. You have access to swarming alerts and honeydews and can anticipate work on your apiary before you even move. There are two variations, Wifi or GSM depending on your connectivity.

This transmitter is placed in the middle of your apiary. Whether you have 1 or 80 sensors on a radius of 20m, it will collect and transmit data automatically!


Mobile Apps

Three applications for three levels of practice.

harvest data from each sensor and
visualize it directly on your phone.


pick up all your sensors’ data in one


configure your Hub so that data flows in