We had the pleasure of participating in the General Assembly of the association Aquitaine Croissance Verte on March 19, 2019. This meeting was organized in partnership with the Hélioparc de Pau, where we are hosted, as well as with APESA .

It was natural for us to meet the actors of this association and their many members given the theme that brings them all together: innovation for a positive environmental impact. Each participant was able to speak for a few moments to present the theme of his company. This tour de table was very user-friendly and informative on the nature of the activities of the members of this network. In particular, Protifly‘s approach to using insects to promote bio-waste has caught our attention, as well as that of Opure, which is careful to incorporate beehives into the structures it designs.

The life of the association is rich in encounters, meaningful exchanges and quality events. It will certainly be very beneficial for us to join this network in the future!