Scientist Beekeepers

Scientist beekeepers

Mellisphera supports scientists with efficient tools. An effective integration that makes them quickly accessible to the community

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Dedicate to research

You don’t need to invent the same tools over and over to transform and visualize your data. With over 30,000 lines of code, Mellisphera has become the perfect environment for data mining and analysis.

A true precision beekeeping platform, its modular architecture can integrate your own tools in record time.

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Reach impact faster

How long before the results of your research actually reach the beekeepers? We help you to integrate your tools in an environment that is automatically used by beekeepers. Feedback is guaranteed and improvement without limits.

We mature research tools with a TRL5 level of technological maturity and bring them up to TRL 9.

(learn more about the TRL grid)

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Your integrations are automatically usable by your peers.

Making a model or a tool directly accessible to your colleagues and partners, even before it is fully validated. This is now possible with Mellisphera.

Of course, you benefit from the tools your colleagues elsewhere in the world are developing. Integration goes far beyond the tools; it strengthens the bonds between research teams.

Mellisphera open source apache license

The legal framework of Open Source

Who owns the code? How is it disseminated? what about the intellectual property?

All these questions are answered in the Open Source legal framework. We chose the Apache license which combines openness and flexibility. You want to give everything back to the community? It’s doable. You want to keep a module as your own? it’s also possible.

Mellisphera open source apache license
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A team serving you

We are data specialists, engineers, web developers, UX designers and of course beekeepers. Our job is to bridge all these disciplines. What moves us is to understand your needs and translate them into adapted solutions.

We can help you achieve tangible, field usable results with an exceptional user experience.

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