358,80 TTC

The hub collects data from all surrounding sensors & scales. You can now monitor your apiary in real time!

  • Collects data from all the sensors / scales of each hive
  • Apiary monitoring in real time
  • Real-time swarm alerts
  • Real-time honey flow alerts
  • Runs on WIFI (also exists in Cell)
  • Requires a Premium or Pro subscription




The WIFI hub works with your Internet subscription if your apiary is covered.

The hub must be placed in the middle of your apiary.

Powered by solar energy, it can collect data from 1 to 80 sensors within a 20-meter radius.

The data is collected & transmitted every hour.

Size & weight

25,0 x 16,0 x 7,5 cm
835 gr


Collects data from all surrounding sensors
Coverage: between 15 and 20 m
Upload frequency: every hour
Battery: Voltaic V15 (included)
Solar panel: 3,5 Watt, 6V
Sensor communication: Bluetooth Low Energy
Cloud transmission: WIFI
Waterproof envelope (IP65)
To switch on/off: integrated switch
Deep Sleep & Reboot mode: via the mobile app


Observation mode when a SwarmMinder T2 triggers a temperature alert


With the Broodminder Cell app

Full battery charge

Between 4 and 7 hours
The battery lasts 3 to 4 days without sunlight

Firmware update

With the Broodminder Cell app


1 year

Mellisphera is Open Source