Kit Pro Plus for 1 hive

787,49 TTC

BROODMINDER Pro Plus Kit consisting of a W W Alu Pro scale, a Weather Hub and a brood probe is a complete and scalable hive monitoring system. The scale allows you to follow the production of the hive, the brood probe examines its internal dynamics, and the weather hub with a SIM card ensures the data transmission in real time but also measures the temperature, humidity and ambient pressure..

  • Designed for commercial beekeepers.
  • 1 year Premium subscription included.


  • Scale is light (2.6kg) and robust (max. load 400kg), transhumance directly on pallet, and with a 5-year battery life..
  • The hourly updated dashboards allow you to monitor all the essential processes in the hive: the evolution of weight and productivity, the strength and activity of the hive, the stops and resumptions of laying for winter treatments.
  • Custom forecasting models show you the Honeyflow Index® and Foraging Index® at 10 days to better plan your travel.
  • Web and mobile apps are always at your fingertips to speed up decision making and improve your hive management.



Additional information
Weight 0.66 kg
Dimensions 41 × 45 × 6 cm

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