Weather station temperature and humidity – WSTH

97,99 TTC

The WS-TH  provides fine measurements of the apiary ambient temperature & humidity.

This module gives you accurate predictions on your colony health and development.

By default, we will use values from scales or meteorological services.


Sync with smartphone

Sync with hub

Size & weight

10,2 x 9,5 x 17,5 cm
200 gr

Integrated TH

Ambient temperature & humidity
Upload frequency: every hour or every 15 min
Accuracy: +/- 0,25°C, +/- 3% HR
Internal storage: ~ 7000 readings
Battery: CR2032 (included)
Bluetooth Low Energy transmission
Leaky envelope
To switch on: pull the plastic tab
To switch off: via mobile app

Data collection

With Broodminder Apiary app
Via the data transmitter (hub)

Battery life

Between 12 and 18 months

Firmware update

With Broodminder Apiary app


CE (sensor)


1 year

Mellisphera is Open Source