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surveillance du rucher - suivi du développement du couvain

BForce - brood development assessment

Many actions in your apiary are related with brood volume. With the BForce technology, you know how much brood volume there is so you can make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary inspections.

bfit évalue la santé des abeilles

BFit - colony health monitoring

Keeping track of your developing hives, of those that are stable, degenerating or even disappearing. This is the BFit technology task (like Fitness). This algorithm daily evaluates your colony health.

bfit évalue la santé des abeilles
detection des miellees

Honeydew triggering & intensity

As professional beekeepers, being informed hour by hour of the resource input and consumption is essential in order to act at the right time.

What are you going to bring to the apiary? Suppers? Candi?

fin de ponte pour traiter varroa

End of season anti-mite treatment

Knowing when the queens stop to lay in order to start varroa mite treatment is a core information for professional beekeepers. Our alert system notifies you about the optimal time to intervene.

fin de ponte pour traiter varroa
transhumance apicole simplifiée

Simple & efficient transhumance

You’ve made up your mind. The tillia tree is about to bloom and you’re going to bring your hives in. First of all, you must identify the best candidates… And you have two options for this:

1/ inspecting all your hives and making your list
2/ printing the list of your hives, classified by brood volume, and taking the best ones

The only thing left to do is to load the truck and leave.

Swarm alert

Swarm alert

We ran several tests with beekeepers, and we found that a colony can swarm up to 3 times in a row. We can help you to avoid that issue.

Thanks to the BroodMinder sensor range, combined with Mellisphera algorithms, you are notified at the first swarming.

Swarm alert

Set-up your apiary

Broodminder weight & temperature sensors combined with our app give you access to this complete range of diagnostics.

Please note that these devices are CE certified.

As a professional beekeeper, your business is unique

We know that each business has its own practices and specifics.

Are you running organic?
Do you transhumance long distances?
Do you need to track many apiaries at the same time?

We analyze each case in order to identify the best solution for you.

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