What an exhibition! We had an exceptional experience at the Paris Exhibition Center, Porte de Versailles. 13,000 exhibitors were at the rendezvous of 124,000 visitors who came to meet them during these 3 days.

A committed public

We had the chance to welcome dozens of visitors. Whether they are beekeepers, nature lovers, or attracted to the little jars of honey prepared for the occasion. We introduced them to Mellisphera and what digital beekeeping brings to beekeepers and citizens. Our visitors were very curious and asked many questions, which we answered with pleasure. They were sometimes surprised by the information posted with reactions of astonishment “I did not know that a hive could swarm three times in a row”, “the bees can harvest 2 kilos of nectar during the day! Is it possible ? “There are really times of scarcity that must be crossed…”

A great announcement

Vivatech will also remain a key step in the development of Mellisphera. This is where we publicly announced the opening of the sources of our platform which has been named MelliHealth for the occasion. We are opening to the community the result of 18 months of development, recognizing that many initiatives are emerging around the world to offset the decline of bees, and that each must first overcome the same data aggregation hurdles. This shared platform should accelerate the emergence of high value-added solutions through collaboration

Meeting points

The show is also an opportunity to meet other players in our ecosystem. The Digital Farm is a structuring initiative at the national level. Three connected hive solutions were also present: Nectar from Montreal, API-Smart and Beelife’s Cocoon hive from the southern region.

Acknowledgments and congratulations

This article could not end without our thanks to the start-up team of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region who warmly welcomed us in a very attractive and design space for the event. And a big Bravo! to our friends and office neighbors ST37 Sport et Technologie, who, with their AI refereeing system, won the prize for best digital project 2019 awarded by France Entreprise Digital!