Blooming and honeydews

One aspect that makes beekeeping an interesting practice is that it immerses you into nature. You become an informed observer of the ecosystem because you and your bees depend on it.

At the end of your first season you easily assimilate the blooming calendar: in March cherry trees, in April apple trees and rapeseed. May is for robinia and June for chestnut and lime tree. Then in August it's the famine ... This careful monitoring of your natural environment allows you to perceive events that go unnoticed to the uninitiated.

Flowers vs honeydew : necessary but not sufficient condition

Having flowers does not necessarily imply the existence of nectar, therefore resources for bees. The honey is conditioned by many factors: the ambient temperature and humidity, the last rains and their intensity, the depth of the roots for plants such as rapeseed or sunflower, etc.

The honeydew is neither acquired nor easy to identify. Especially since you will not stand guard under your neighbor’s apple tree to see when they come foraging!

To measure is to understand

A weight sensor installed under the hive will give you much more detailed information. At a glance it becomes possible to follow the honeydews, their intensity and also the periods of scarcity.

Beyond the fun aspect, it is a real decision-making tool that allows you to judge the appropriate moment to install a new supper or, on the contrary, to support a colony lacking reserves. .

Data transforms the practice of beekeeping. Our understanding of the surrounding environment becomes more precise, more intense.

Fig1: honeydew calendar for a beehive. Green dots indicate incoming resources, while reds indicate weight loss. Their size is proportional to the amount gained or lost.

The Digital Farm at the hearth of Paris

On June 5, 2019, we participated to LFDay. Here is the report of our impressions.

An initiative like no other

La Ferme Digitale (The Digital Farm) could be in some ways  compared with transformation initiatives such as the Factory of the Future or Industry 4.0. Nevertheless, it has two very specific characteristics:

The first is that it was founded by visionary entrepreneurs. They created this association without anyone asking them. Apart from any institutional or state initiative, it is the expression of the need to federate actors of a sector. Paolin Pascot founder of the marketplace and Florian Breton founder of the site of crowdfunding for farmers are at the origin of this initiative.

The second concerns values. In the association founding objectives are clearly stated commitment to ecology, for society and for farmers.

The ambition is huge and technology is only a tool

It is not just about technology or digital: it is about fighting for agriculture and agronomy of tomorrow, to sustain French agriculture. It is necessary to succeed with the ecological and economic transformations as well as that of the consumption schemes.

These issues were palpable in the corridors of the exhibition with the hundred AgriTech startups who exhibited their products and ideas. A hundred actors is both a lot and not enough. With $ 13 billion invested worldwide in the last 5 years in AgriTech, including $ 5 billion in 2018 alone (source Digital Food Lab), this is a real acceleration, even if, unsurprisingly, China and the United States are on the podium and Europe is lagging behind with only 8% of these investments.

Farmers must be actors

One of the main messages was that farmers must take their communication in hand so that “others do not speak for us”. In my opinion, I prefer the idea of a revolution going on, and that farmers have to be part of it.

A movement is growing. Farmers must seize it at risk of being once again subject to forces that constrain them.

Tech for good ?

We still keep in mind the words of Cédric Villani during the closing speech “The dream is of course the reconciliation of humanity with agriculture and the environment“. Here is an idea that gives matter for thought and with which I want to close this article.


vivatech paris mellisphera

Can't wait for Vivatech!

Mellisphera will participate in the VIVATECH 2019 show alongside the delegation of the New Aquitaine Region. It will be a great opportunity to show the public how data science contributes to the knowledge of bees.

We are already preparing various new media for the event. For the first time in Europe, we will be exhibiting the latest T2 sensor from our friends at Broodminder. This gem of technology designed specifically for the needs of beekeepers hides his game with a very affordable price and outstanding capabilities.

We will travel with our friends from ST37 Sport and Technology and Prof-en-Poche who will also be there, as well as the fifteen young shoots of the neo-Aquitaine ecosystem. A big thank you to the New Aquitaine Region for its trust.

See you in Paris on May 18th!

The French Tech in Bearn

In April 2019, Pau Béarn became French Tech community. Bzz bzzz! (which means "hurray!") But what is it, in fact?

French tech is a global entrepreneurial initiative. She accompanies French start-ups in their creation, growth and success. By becoming a community of the label, our city will be at the heart of a new impetus to support companies in their approach of positive impact on our society. For the curious, we invite you to discover the press kit.

This is a very good news for all the start-ups of the Hélioparc technopolis in the city of Pau. Congratulations to dozens of other capitals and labeled communities!

Pau Béarn French Tech David Castéra Mellisphera

Here is David Castéra who co-chairs the French Tech community
Pau Béarn with Thomas Othax.

Meeting of a eco-innovators network

We had the pleasure of participating in the General Assembly of the association Aquitaine Croissance Verte on March 19, 2019. This meeting was organized in partnership with the Hélioparc de Pau, where we are hosted, as well as with APESA .

It was natural for us to meet the actors of this association and their many members given the theme that brings them all together: innovation for a positive environmental impact. Each participant was able to speak for a few moments to present the theme of his company. This tour de table was very user-friendly and informative on the nature of the activities of the members of this network. In particular, Protifly's approach to using insects to promote bio-waste has caught our attention, as well as that of Opure, which is careful to incorporate beehives into the structures it designs.

The life of the association is rich in encounters, meaningful exchanges and quality events. It will certainly be very beneficial for us to join this network in the future!

République Pyrénées Mellisphera Lorenzo PONS Apiculture connectée

Press is talking about us!

Home> Economy> Innovation ... This is where you can find us on the website of The Republic of the Pyrenees!

Monday, February 11, we had the pleasure of receiving the journalist Gérard CAYRON, keenly interested by Mellisphera. We were able to introduce him to the "big picture" of the state of play in the French apicultural world, and of course more precisely our vision of connected beekeeping and our solution.

Find us in their edition of February 18, 2019!

République Pyrénées Mellisphera Lorenzo PONS Apiculture connectée

LibreCon powered by CEBIT congrès Bilbabo mellisphera

Free software exhibition: LibreCon

LIBRECON powered by CEBIT was co-organized by the Association of Free Technology Companies of Euskadi (ESLE) and Deutsche Messe. The actors of the French free software were represented by the Aquinetic Pole in spearhead. Three start-ups of the Aquitain ecosystem were part of the delegation: Mapotempo, Lynxter3D, and Mellisphera.

We had the opportunity to meet Spanish companies of free software, and participate in many presentations linking application cases and technologies.

Our conference allowed us to talk about beekeeping and connected beehive in Europe's leading honey producing country.

The icing on the cake has been the keynote of Richard Stallman, open source guru. He is the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the father of the GNU General Public License.

B-boost convention logiciel libre open source Mellisphera

B-Boost convention about free software

On November 6th and 7th, 2018, we went to the B-Boost congress in Bordeaux. We introduced Mellisphera to talk about connected hives and met with open source actors from France and elsewhere.

We enjoyed our exchanges with Jean-Pierre Bouchillou Préviméteo and Emilie Pons of INRIA. Discussing with Cédric Joulain from Strigi-form was also very informative: it does wonders with time series! The Bitergia team from Madrid also impressed us with their data processing capability.

The exotic touch came from Japan with the Aibod team. Their vision of AI and its application is purely inspiring.

Among the 76 conferences, the one dedicated to the "Free Software Business Models" by Nicolas Jullien, a professor at IMT Atlantique, caught our attention.

convention b-boost mellisphera apiculture

Mellisphera congrès Apiculture Lorenzo Pons

Back from the Beekeeping Congress

We will have lived five days of rare intensity at the Apiculture and Apitherapy Congress in Rouen. We had the pleasure of meeting passionate beekeepers from all walks of life and with a wide variety of practices.

We have gathered many expert opinions on the expectations of beekeepers. They are valuable for the evolution of Mellisphera and its connected hive concept.

It will also be an opportunity to share our points of view with our colleagues competing innovation competition: the educational hive Locaruche, Connecthive, BeeGleam or Ergonomiel. We also met personalities from the connected hive world, such as Maxime Mularz from Hostabee, Bertrand Laurentin from LabelAbeille or Christian Lubat from Beeguard.

The price of innovation will have escaped us. It is that we still have work to do to bring all the added value expected by the profession.

Back in Pau, we continue the development of Mellisphera with the objective of offering a new digital solution for all beekeepers.

Meet at the Beekeeping Congress

Come and discover Mellisphera from the 25th to the 28th of October at the 1st International Congress of Beekeeping and Apitherapy. The event is organized by the National Union of Beekeeping, in partnership with the Apicole Syndicate of Haute-Normandie and the French-speaking Association of Apitherapy.

For the one that will be our first public presentation, we will participate in the innovation contest alongside a dozen other participants. It will be a great opportunity to present our vision and connected beekeeping solutions.

We hope to talk with many beekeepers to get your eyes on our prototype. Your opinions are of great value for the development of Mellisphera.

Hoping to see many of you many !

Hall 5 - Stand 28H

congrès apicole SNA mellisphera