We want to enrich your beekeeping practice

If you are initiated to beekeeping, you know that observation and analysis are essential skills for a successful beekeeper. Whether it is bees, nature or your own actions.

For a hobbyist beekeeper it’s not always easy to achieve appropriate diagnostics at the right time.

The lack of information at the origin of these hazards is a source of frustration: that of knowing that 80% of events elude us, unnoticed: A honeydew that triggers, unexpected swarming, a drastic reduction of reserves, the sudden disappearance of a queen…

Save the bees

While saving the bees is too big a mission for us, we believe however, that we can provide citizens with effective tools to contribute to the endeavour: Aggregating individual experiences to fight pollinator decline is possible.

When you make informed decisions that help you succeed, you save the bees.

When you decide to go into beekeeping because modern tools make this practice accessible, you are saving the bees too.

Mellisphera is open source. Even without bees, you can contribute to save them! Every involvement is welcome.


The Mellisphera team

The Mellisphera platform is run by an agri-tech start-up with headquarters in France, in Pau near the Pyrenees.
Our team concentrates a range of skills in Beekeeping, Design Thinking, User Centered Design, IoT, Information Technologies and the Web as well as in modeling and data processing. Our desire is to offer users new experiences with high added value.

Lorenzo Pons
CEO & Founder

Founder of Aeronautical engineer he has 20 year experience developing new technologies for engine design. Beekeeper for the past ten years, he has realized how much empiricism leads to colony loss and develops the vision that has become the Mellisphera project today: modern technologies can help beekeeping.

Mickael Pezzoni
Full stack developer

Mickael is the craftsman of the Mellisphera platform. Skilled at web development, he knows how to bridge the expectations of users and the possibilities offered by technology to deliver readable and easy-to-use functions.

Arthur Savio
Data Scientist

Arthur is a student in data science in EISTI school. He has a degree in mathematics and is doted of skills in statistics, data mining, analysis and modelling.

Florent Denat
Front end developer

Florent is a student in EISTI school. His entrepreneurial flair led him to be vice-president of ARPIÆ. This is an association bringing students closer to corporations for collaborative project achievement.


The adventure Mellisphera is dotted with encounters. Women and men who contribute to shaping it with their skills and sensitivity.

Delphine KAPPS
Business Developer

Noémie Bordes
Business Developer

Anthony Monjon

Anthony Monjon
Business Developer

Aurélie Marchand

Aurélie Marchand

Yacine Sefrioui
Data Scientist

Géraldine Farcy-Merlo

Géraldine Farcy-Merlo
Systèmes embarqués

Nizar Khsib

Nizar Khsib
Développeur Full Stack

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