The strength of the community

Sharing opportunities in beekeeping are endless: Are you involved in a
beekeeper school? You want to pass on your passion to your grandson?
Tempted to discover how is beekeeping in Canada, France or Australia?

Your custom user community

Create your own community. That of your beekeeping school, your federation, with your family or with your friends.
Share, understand and learn by interacting with active and committed beekeepers. Whoever they are and wherever they are.

Control apiaries

Control apiaries

Have access to apiary witnesses from people wishing to share their activity, such as associations, town halls or experienced beekeepers.
You will find information on honeydew or the evolution of colonies in a nearby apiary. You can learn by comparing your colony behavior to that of the control apiary. It’s a great way to learn beekeeping.

Data protection by design

Data protection by design

Mellisphera is committed with your data protection. By design your data is not exposed. Only you decide what you want to share and with whom.

By sharing your data, you will have access to those of your correspondents. Because learning is as much receiving as giving.

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